TNB Fuel Services Sdn. Bhd. (TNBF) has established a Fuel Supply Service Level Agreement (FSLA) with TNB, designating TNBF as the designated Fuel Supplier for power plants under TNB’s Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Our core operations at TNBF encompass the provision and transportation of various fuels including coal, fuel oil, lubricants, coal logistics, and gas contract management services. Specifically, TNBF caters to the coal requirements of coal-fired power plants in Malaysia operating under PPAs with TNB, where coal cost serves as a pass-through element.

Moreover, TNBF has solidified Coal Supply and Transportation Agreements (CSTA) to facilitate the sale and delivery of coal to these power plants. We engage in Coal Purchase Contracts (CPC) with several coal producers and traders, alongside Contracts of Affreightment (COA) with shipping companies for efficient coal transportation. TNBF oversees logistic management, encompassing cargo insurance and payments.

In addition to coal, TNBF serves as the principal supplier of Distillate Fuel (DF), Medium Fuel Oil (MFO), Liquefied Natural Gas and to TNB Power Stations. We also extend our services to provide distillate and lubricants to TNB rural stations. Under a Gas Contract Management Services Agreement (GCMSA) with TNB, we manage commercial aspects concerning gas supply by PETRONAS.

Furthermore, TNBF has initiated a green endeavor to supply biomass to our clients, aligning with the National Energy Transition Roadmap initiatives. We are dedicated to supporting environmentally sustainable energy solutions.